The Handless Project
and at sunrise she set forth, walking entire until it was night



Our Supporters

The Handless Project is about people and the ways in which we inhabit the spaces in which we live and work. The project has evolved out of the relationships we made. Like the Handless Maiden we have been helped by mysterious figures who gave more than we asked for and who nurtured us throughout. These are those people and organisations.

Photo: Jo Blowers

Photo: Jo Blowers

Deborah Wintle-Escott

Long time collaborator for the project and co-director of the newly formed production team One September with Aleasha Chaunté

For more info see Deborah's bio page

photo: Salvatore Sasa Abrescia for Fallen Angels Dance Theatre

photo: Salvatore Sasa Abrescia for Fallen Angels Dance Theatre

Phil Ashby

Our right hand man. As well as being a talented dancer and choreographer Phil is also the one making sure the water is the right temperature, that you have a blanket to sit on and is generally busy taking care of everyone. Pictured here in a Fallen Angels Dance Theatre production.


Annabel Little

Annabel is an architect, business owner and artist. As well as making and designing our all purpose utility-aprons she also, through hours of conversation, helped to structure the ideas that underpinned the work, things like: the connection between art, architecture, food and life; the perfect fabric for a walking apron; and the links between telling stories and sewing fabric. All of these ideas were talked over endlessly with Annabel.


Clare Jasmine Beloved

Clare is an artist, storyteller and founder of social enterprise, Big Love Sista. She is a kindred spirit and tells her own version of The Handless Maiden which she contributed generously as our bedtime story.


Shirley Razbully

Shirley is an entrepreneur and created the beautiful gift boxes our participants received. Looking at the theme of Journey she gave those who joined us a way to carry on their experience beyond the event.

Photo: Aleasha Chaunte

Photo: Aleasha Chaunte

Rev Ellen Loudon

Canon Ellen Loudon is Director of Social Justice for the Diocese of Liverpool. She is also a creative collaborator on the project, curating the space we used at Liverpool Cathedral. She also let Aleasha draw all over her and didn't complain.


Photo: Rachael Biggs

Photo: Rachael Biggs

Rachael Biggs

Rachael and her Marketing company Non Conform bravely collaborated with us on this complex project. Pushing all of our boundaries to the limit to find ways to communicate the heart of this work to the hearts of its audience. We salute you!

Photo: Deborah Wintle-Escott

Photo: Deborah Wintle-Escott

Fallen Angels Dance Theatre

One of the most inspiring organisations in the country. They worked with me on developing thoughts about how people recover as well as being long time creative collaborators.

See their work at:


Supporters and Funders

Finally, many many thanks to all of the organisations that fed us, funded us and supported us throughout this project.

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These are amazing organisations. Find them online here: