The Handless Project
and at sunrise she set forth, walking entire until it was night

Story map

A Story Map

A city is not virgin teritory. It is filled with the thoughts and memories of those who have lived there over many years. Liverpool is my home, but I am a newcomer. One of the most wonderful parts of the Handless Project has been the opportunity to meet and tell stories with the people who live here. As a conversation starter I made a two-metre by two-and-a-half-metre map of the city printed on fabric. Over a period of six months I have been carrying this map around the city asking people to "Tell me about somewhere that is important to you". Many tears, much thread and thousands of beads later we have a beautiful story object and this is it's digital incarnation. Enjoy.



Anonymous Stories

From Savera UKWorkshops and a Liverpool Asylum Seeker and Refugee Workshop with Liverpool Asylum Seeker and Refgugee Association

“A warm and good temporary hostel. I was really happy there to have some place with my son”

“Mixed beads signify for me the love I received when I needed it from the church”

“Waiting for spring. Something will happen – definitely – sooner or later. 16 months here”

“This is the beginning of a really difficult journey but also the discovery of a Liverpool family and rescue from danger.”

“It’s a journey of faith from darkness to happiness. It’s towards the light of stability. It’s a journey of trust in god. A journey away from homeless house to another and every move was towards hope and it’s better that the previous one and all the changes were better than the previous one.”

These quotations remain anonymous out of respect for privacy and safety.


A move from Maghull to Aigburth

"Maghull wasn't a place to grow up"

"Enclosed in a bubble. It's harder to see. You weren't exposed to people that were like you." -  "Someone told their mum that I might be bullied and they reported it, but they were more worried that I might be gay"

"Something about being an outsider. My move to south Liverpool was a way to find connection with people who were like me." -  "'Til I was 18, there was only one black person in my school. I had a terrible time I know, [but] she had a terrible time in school".

secret garden

A Secret Garden 

Liverpool is full of surprises. The best ones are those that reflect the extraordinary things people create when left to their own devices. I met James at Love Lane. He told me about a secret garden near Edge Lane. I remembered something about a Zen garden and a Roman garden but couldn't picture what it might look like. The reality is heart-warmingly stunning. Check out the gallery here.

Skerries Road

Skerries Road

Angela (told at Homebaked Community Bakery)

"It's where people who are as close as family to us [are]. If we win the Lottery, we will always keep that house."


Broad Green Hospital

Broad Green Hospital

Lily (told at Orrell Lodge Nursing Home)

"I think about him every day"

Lily was engaged to Andrew when she was twenty-seven and he was thirty-five. He died in Broad Green Hospital after an accident. The colours chosen for the pin are sky blue which is Lily's favourite colour and red for Liverpool football club.

Site of former Garment factory on Sandy Road

Site of former Garment factory on Sandy Road

Dionn (told at Orrell Lodge Nursing Home)

In 1988, long before she started working in the care sector, Dionn worked in the garment industry, making clothes for Marks and Spencer.

Glendower Street

Glendower Street

Glyn (told at Orrell Lodge Nursing Home)

Glyn grew up on Glendower Street next to the cinema. Glyn's parents were Welsh and only spoke Welsh at home. He first learned English when he went to school. The pin is green and red like two of the colours on the Welsh flag.