The Handless Project
and at sunrise she set forth, walking entire until it was night




Since 2016...

artist Aleasha Chaunté has been researching variants of the story The Handless Maiden (read one version here).

The Handless Project is Aleasha’s response to this old fairytale, about a girl whose father cuts off her hands in order to save himself from a bad deal.

The project isn’t only about telling the story, it is rather about treating the story as if it were a sacred text, using events in the story to ask the question “What in this is still relevant?”

In 2016 we borrowed some wisdom about hands and water and, like the maiden, washed our hands to see what would happen. Then in 2017 we curated a 32 hour 24 mile ritual walk around the city of Liverpool exploring what might happen if we, like her, journey from sun up to sunset. See an approximate route here. We also used a giant story map of a Liverpool to speak to hundreds of people around the city to find out how they felt about living here

Aleasha has been documenting the development of the next stage of her project The Handless Project: Journey in the Handless Project Facebook Group and on the Handless Project blog.