An all-night vigil and 24 hour pilgrimage around the streets and green spaces of Liverpool, inspired by the fairy tale The Handless Maiden, and the personal stories of people living and working in the city of Liverpool.


Why are we walking?

I started The Handless Project because I needed to heal (physically from thyroid cancer and emotionally from a lot of other things) and this weird old story about a girl who heals herself was so helpful to me that I wondered whether it would help other people too.

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joanne smelling flowers

Why silence?

To collect stories, you really have to listen. On the 20th May 2017 myself and two colleagues Vicci Riley and Joanne Tremarco, will be walking around the city of Liverpool for a whole day. Long stretches of this walk will be conducted without speaking.

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Time and Time

Marketing deadlines have forced me to make decisions about the project that I don’t feel quite ready to make, but putting them into my workflow hasn’t hurt me. I have made the decisions and feel that they were the right ones.

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After our sleepover at Unity Theatre, 'Chapter 1: Night' takes #TheHandlessProject to St James' Gardens at sunrise, to 'sing up the sun' with an improvised performance led by Steve Boyland. Afterwards we will travel to Squash Nutrition for a delicious, nourishing breakfast before we head on to the next stage of our journey - 'Chapter 2: Going South'.

You can either book tickets for the whole of chapter 1, which includes our stay at Unity (£15 contribution), find us at St James' Gardens for sunrise, or meet us for breakfast at Squash Nutrition between 6 and 7am (£5 contribution).

Find out more and book tickets here:

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what a perfect story sharing space for our final workshop before the walk at the Big Love Sista Project celebration. Tonight from 4-8pm 6th floor Gostins Building, Hanover Street. Join us to tell your Liverpool story. ...

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After sunset, walk with us to @17lovelane for a beautiful italian meal, & to celebrate & reflect on the long journey

After supper, continue the journey through Liverpool, towards Everton Brow. Watch the sunset over the city, accompanied by Steve Boyland.

We'll then walk north through the city, arriving at @HomebakedA for a restorative supper of pies & song. Join us!

After breakfast, we walk through South Liverpool, arriving for lunch and a rest at Calderstones Park around midday..

#TheHandlessProject will 'sing up the sun' in St James' Gardens, before a nourishing breakfast at @squashnutrition

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